Call for pilot projects

RRISTART is up and running

RRISTART helps early stage startups and investors signalling their commitment to creating positive socio-environmental outcomes.

RRISTART an Horizon2020 Project that responds to the EU efforts to foster impact investment – launches a user-friendly model to assess responsible behavior and impact created by early-stage companies in science, technology, engineering and mathematic fields (STEM).
The model is specifically designed for the early-stage investment market: it takes into account the time and resources constraints of startups, the lack of sophisticated accounting systems and the need for few, highly representative KPIs. The RRISTART model will be developed hand in hand with investors and entrepreneurs, guided by researchers and endorsed by institutions. The quest for impact is surging from all kinds of decision makers being it consumers, policy offers, corporations and – of course – investors and lenders: that is a fact. Startups are usually born with the aim of improving processes, providing effective technologies, enhancing access to services: they are impactful by design. And yet measuring and evaluating impact is proving challenging: founders struggle to report on their non-financial results, and investors forego to signal their commitment to creating positive socio-environmental outcomes via their capital allocation.

Participate in our call for pilot projects

  1. Innovative companies creating impact or impact investors can participate in our pilots: here we will test the model and communicate it out loud, giving great visibility to your pioneering team and/or portfolio companies.
  2. Traditional investors, accelerators or research institutes interested in learning a professional approach to impact measurement and monitoring (IMM) should get in touch with us: impact is here to stay and expertise in IMM will soon be a prerogative to smart money.
  3. Representatives of government, think-thanks or an NGOs, should engage with us to gain access to a large network of impact-driven individuals and companies from whom to draw recommendations, source partners, and transition together to a stronger and more resilient economy.


RRISTART is a group of professionals in the spheres of research, investment and education. We have a track record in advancing knowledge and driving innovation. Together, we gather +600 investors and entrepreneurs, over 50 knowledge centres, national and international governmental institutions, and a number of other stakeholders keen to advise, test and validate our roadmap to responsible & impact-driven business and investment. Join us in this journey by following our channels on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Don’t lose sight of our website and get in touch with for additional details.